Do this. Directives - part 1

List of Derek Sivers' Do This directives (more details on his site)

How to be useful to others

  1. Get famous.
  2. Get rich.
  3. Share strong opinions.
  4. Be expensive.

How to get rich

  1. Live where luck strikes.
  2. Say yes to everything.
  3. Learn the multiplying skills.
  4. Pursue market value not personal value.
  5. Shamelessly imitate success.
  6. Be the owner, not just inventor.
  7. Benefit from human nature.

How to thrive in an unknowable future

  1. Prepare for the worst.
  2. Expect disaster.
  3. Own as little as possible.
  4. Choose opportunity, not loyalty.
  5. Choose the plan with the most options.
  6. Avoid planning.

How to like people

  1. Assume it’s their last day.
  2. Be who you’d be when alone.
  3. Assume men and women are the same.
  4. Always make new friends.
  5. Avoid harming the relationship.
  6. Act calm and kind.
  7. Don’t try to change them.
  8. Find wisdom in your opponents.
  9. Purge the vampires.

What to do when you get successful

  1. Change yes to “Hell yeah!” or no.
  2. Keep momentum.

How to stop being rich and happy

  1. Prioritize lifestyle design.
  2. Chase that comparison moment.
  3. Buy, not rent.
  4. Internalize your new status.
  5. Be a connoisseur.
  6. Get to know your possessions.
  7. Acclimate to comfort.