First FBA sale!

After some struggles to get our first shipment accepted into the Amazon warehouse, we got our first order on the day that the package was received!

It was a Playmobil Muscle Bike:

  • We had bought it for 3,99 € for sale at Kruidvat
  • Sending costs to Amazon were 1,3€ (we have cheaper options now)
  • Sold it for 14,28 € on Amazon
  • Amazon total costs 5,65 €
  • Ending up with a payment of 8,63 €

A nice 63% return on investment, not too bad for our first intent.

Zorg Piloot logo contest on 99 Designs

After having started my business more than one year ago, I finally launched my logo design contest on 99 Designs. The focus was on getting the first assignments running and not on having a nice logo, business card or website (proof...), but I guess it's time now.

After just one day, I already have 17 submissions, of which 3 I'm really liking. There are 2,5 more days in the general submission phase, and then I'll start refining the submissions with the designers.

Keep posted for the final result!

I'll also need the logo to be on the cover of my upcoming book, I guess there's a second design coming up in the near future!

Nice summary of the Rich Dad ideas [Spanish]

To Spanish speakers, I recommend watching this recording of a seminar given by Ken McElroy in Colombia 2012 about real estate. It summarize pretty well the core concepts that Robert Kiyosaki explains in his Rich Dad books (such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant).

I'm sure there are good equivalents in English, French or Dutch, but I haven't searched for them myself yet.

Do yourself a favor, and learn about these topics.